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Top 10

Top Ten Signs Gas Prices are out of Control

10. Bus drivers start asking passengers to chip in for gas.

9. Your vehicle looks like a clown car when everyone in your office car pool climbs out.

8. Stations start selling gas by the half litre.

7. You realize it’s cheaper to run your car on Single Malt Scotch.

6. People think you're rich because they've heard you say, "Fill it up."

5. You see a Pizza 73 sign that reads: Now Hiring Delivery Walkers

4. Drive by shootings way down. Walk by shootings… up 500%.

3. You were robbed… not at the gas station but by the gas station.

2. Gas stations accept all major credit cards… which is exactly how many it takes for a full tank.

1. Gas station attendants become the city's most eligible bachelors.

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