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Top 10

Top Ten Ways to tell you live in a Bad Part of Town

10. You're scared of arthritis because it will look like you're waving gang signs.

9. To Serve & Protect has a cameraman permanently stationed on your street.

8. People in the neighborhood love the ed section not just for it’s great content but it doubles as a duvet (blanket).

7. Pawn shops and cheque cashing stores out number fast food restaurants.

6. You make sure to buy gang neutral colours when clothes shopping.

5. You've given your neighbors nicknames like, The Drug Dealer, Angry screamer mom and creepy stalker guy.

4. You see people window shopping at the Dollar Store.

3. You have to chain up your bike… inside the house.

2. Apartment advertisements read: 50% fewer stabbings in 2005. The landlord tries to pass off the bullet holes as ‘air conditioning’.

1. The 7/11 closes at 6:30 pm.

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