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Top 10

Top Ten things you Wouldn’t want to hear while on a date

10. I can't believe my parole officer is allowing me to go on dates again.

9. My dad is a third degree black belt UFC Champion shotgun collector and he’s really protective.

8. Sorry I’m late; the line up at the clinic was really long.

7. Have you ever been in the trunk of a car?

6. I don't like to wear condoms because they irritate my rash.

5. For our next date would you like to go to a Star Trek convention? We could dress up like Deanna Troi and Commander Riker!

4. Do you know what Rohipnol tastes like?

3. Dr. Phil said…

2. Would you like to come in for a drink… my mom should be asleep.

1. The hormone therapy is really kicking in, one more operation and I’ll 100% female.

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