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Top 10

Top Ten Ways to Tell it was a Great St. Patrick's Day

10. You drank enough green beer to glow in the dark.

9. Your hang over lasts until the May long weekend.

8. Her last name was Flynn and you were in like it…

7. You found all your eggs St. Patrick's Day morning.

6. You talked your girlfriend and her roommate into 'Dublin'.

5. You were so drunk you spent the whole night on your deck talking to Patty O'Furniture.

4. You wake up next to Michael Flatley… and he's dead.

3. You vaguely remember something about a rainbow, a four leaf clover and a leprechaun… then you see the box of Lucky Charms and breathe a sigh of relief.

2. You drank enough Guinness to get you into their book of records.

1. You're reading this and you're still at the Pub.

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