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Top 10

Top Ten Ways to Tell You're Poor

10. You go to a parade just to get the free candy and goodies they throw from the floats.

9. Your one bedroom apartment looks an awful lot like the janitors supply closet… because it is… and you still can't afford the rent.

8. You don’t remember the last time you had paper money.

7. Your condiments consist of a drawer in your fridge of individual packets from various fast food restaurants.

6. For dinner you eat Hamburger Helper, no hamburger.

5. You're trying to decide what to wear and it’s between two choices.

4. When you get free samples of anything in the mail, you take the ones your neighbours threw out.

3. Your account balance resembles Alberta’s average temperature in January.

2. You sell any organ that you have two of.

1. You hear people complain about getting spam and you think "They're so lucky. I'm starving"

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